"Russia in the XX century. Esoteric basis of Ideology" (online)


Russia in the XX century. Esoteric basis of Ideology


The Master Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan)

Lyudmila Reznik

"Russia in the XX century. Esoteric basis of Ideology" (online)

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The idea to create this brochure was inspired by a number of reasons. But first of all it was essential to emphasize the comprehending of the fact that there are three main ideologies in the world and that the ideology of Communism (on par with Democracy and Monarchy) is the required expression of definite energies in the human kingdom.

It's quite obvious that incomprehension of this fact threw our country into a state of “ideological confusion” where we’re remaining now. All the ideas have appeared to be as if empty, authorities were compromised and arouse no trust, aspiration and idealism have been ridicule and world orthodox religions haven’t been able to give their answer to a thinking man.  And here he stands among many political, ideological and economic concepts having no faith in any of them… Such state of mind in a present-day world is inherent to many people in Russia as well as in other countries of the European continent (and beyond); it leads to fatalism, to the loss of any aspiration to an ideal and to the locking in the narrow-functional pattern of life.

Today there’s an urgent need to reconsider everything what the XXth century gave to us - the century of a burst growth of human consciousness, the century of awakening and forming of initial impulses of great future Ideologies – and to extract off  a variety of factors that only reality which will cause our intellection and provide the ascension of Humanity.