Письмо №14-Б


Письмо №14-Б (ML-142b)

Дамодар К. Маваланкар - А.П. Синнетт

до 20 Февраля, 1881

Страниц - 1.

Страница 1


Письмо №14-Б стр. 1

Respectfully submitted for the consideration of Mr. Sinnett, under the direct orders of Brother Koot Hoomi.

Damodar K. Mavalankar.


With the exception of fee — too exaggerated — his views are quite correct. Such is the impression produced upon the native mind. I trust, my dear friend, that you add a paragraph showing the Society in its true light. Listen to your inner voice, and oblige once more your's

Ever faithfully,

K. H