Письмо №51


Письмо №51 (ML-120)

Махатма К.Х. - Пейшенс Синнет

Март, 1882

Титульных листов - 2.  Страниц - 1.



Письмо №51 Конверт

A. P. Sinnett



Письмо №51 Конверт

Mr. Sinnett's lady

Страница 1


Письмо №51 стр. 1

Wear the hair enclosed in a cotton tape (and if preferred in a metal armlet) a little lower than your left armpit below the left shoulder. Follow advice that will be given to you by Henry Olcott. It is good and we shall not object. Harbour not ill-feelings even against an enemy and one who has wronged you: for hatred acts like an antidote and may damage the effect of even this hair.

K. H.