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X. . . Chela training. Poor Subba Row is "in a fix" — that is why he does not answer you. On one hand he has the indomitable H.P.B. who plagues Morya's life to reward you and M. himself who would if he could gratify your aspirations; on the other he encounters the impassable Chinese wall of rules and Law. Believe me, good friend, learn what you can under the circumstances — to viz. — the philosophy of the phenomena and our doctrines on Cosmogony, inner man, etc. This Subba Row will help you to learn, though his terms — he being an initiated Brahmin and holding to the Brahmanical esoteric teaching — will be different from those of the "Arhat Buddhist" terminology. But essentially both are the same — identicalin fact. My heart melts when I read Mr. Hume's sincere


"X. . ." This note from Mahatma K. H. continues from the previous letter, No. 59.