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Letter №33 p. 4

giving one thought to others. Will you, or rather they, never see the true meaning and explanation of that great wreck and desolation which has come to our land and threatens all lands — yours first of all? It is selfishness and exclusiveness that killed ours, and it [is] selfishness and exclusiveness that will kill yours — which has in addition some other defects which I will not name. The world has clouded the light of true knowledge, and selfishness will not allow its resurrection, for it excludes and will not recognise the whole fellowship of all those who were born under the same immutable natural law.

You are mistaken again. I may blame your "curiosity" when I know it to be profitless. I am unable to regard as an "impertinence" that which is but the free use of intellectual capacities for reasoning. You may see things in a false light and you do often so see them. But you do not concentrate all the light in yourself as some do, and that's one superior quality you possess over other Europeans we know. Your affection for K.H. is sincere and warm and that is your redeeming quality in my eyes. Why should you then await my reply with any "nervousness" at all. Whatever happens we two will ever remain your friends, as we would not blame sincerity even when it is manifested under the somewhat objectionable form of trampling upon a prostrated chela — the hapless Babu.