Letter №41


Letter №41 (ML-109)

Mahatma M. - A.P. Sinnett

January, 1882

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I cannot make a miracle, or I would have shown myself fully to Mrs. Sinnett at least in spite of the matches of the French woman and to yourself in spite of the physical and psychical conditions. Kindly realize that my sense of justice is so strong that I would not deny you a satisfaction I gave Ramaswami and Scott. If you have not seen me it is simply because it was an impossibility. If you had gratified K.H. by attending the meeting no harm would as a matter of fact have been done to you for K.H. had foreseen and prepared all, and the very effort you made to be firm even at supposed personal risk, would have totally changed your condition. Now let us see what the future has in store.


By attending the meeting refers to an anniversary in Bombay that Mr. Sinnett did not attend. See Letter 39.