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Letter №55 p. 1


Good friend, I will not, in sending forth the letter, reiterate again the many remarks that might be made respecting the various objections which we have the right to raise against Spiritual phenomena and its mediums. We have done our duty; and, because the voice of truth came thro' a channel which few liked, it was pronounced as false, and along with it — Occultism. The time has gone by to argue, and the hour when it will be proved to the world that Occult Science instead of being, in the words of Dr. R. Chambers — "superstition itself," as they may be disposed to think it, will be found the explanation and the extinguisher of all superstitions — is nearby. For reasons that you


Dr. R. Chambers probably refers to Robert Chambers (1802 – 1871), a Scottish publisher, geologist, evolutionary thinker, author and journal editor who was highly influential in mid-19th century scientific and political circles.