Letter №56


Letter №56 (ML-100)

Mahatma K.H./H.P. Blavatsky - A.P. Sinnett

25 March, 1882

Covers - 1. Pages - 3.

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Letter №56 Cover sheet

For Letter No C see Blavatsky's Letter No II

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The new "guide" has meanwhile a few words to say to you. If you care anything about our future relations, then, you better try to make your

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Letter №56 p. 2

friend and colleague Mr. Hume give up his insane idea of going to Tibet. Does he really think that unless we allow it, he, or an army of Pelings will be enabled to hunt us out, or bring back news, that we are, after all, but a "moonshine" as she calls it. Madman is that man who imagines that even the British Govt: is strong and rich enough and powerful enough to help him in carrying out his insane plan! Those whom we desire to know us will find us at the very frontiers. Those who have set against themselves the Chohans as he has — would not find us were they to go L'hassa with an army. His carrying out the

Peling (phyi-gling, 'outer continent') is a Tibetan word meaning outsider or foreigner, particularly a Westerner.

L'hassa is Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

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Letter №56 p. 3

plan will be the signal for an absolute separation between your world and ours. His idea of applying to the Govt: for permission to go to Tibet is ridiculous. He will encounter dangers at every step and — will not even hear the remotest tidings about ourselves or our whereabouts. Last night a letter was to be carried to him as well as to Mrs. Gordon. The Chohan forbid it. You are warned, good friend — act accordingly.

K. H.