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Письмо №81, стр. 7

writing before me, that he allowed the "sell" as you call it. Nay more; for the things are so prepared, that in the case the "Eclectic" has to sink, — he will be the only one to go down with it; the only one laughed at, and thus his selfishness and carefully prepared plans will prove of no avail. Believing he knew better than I did, he was kind and considerate enough to add his explanations to mine in H.P.B.'s answer to C.C.M — and with the exception of Karma — that he explained correctly enough — made a mess of the rest. And now, the first time I contradict what he says in his article, he will turn round in fury and express his disgust at what he will call my (not his) contradictions. I am sorry to have to — what will appear to you — denounce him. But I must draw your attention to the fact, that nine times out of ten, when he accuses me of having entirely misconceived his meaning — he says, what anyone has a right to regard as a deliberate falsehood. The instance of E. Levi's אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה — is a good instance. In order to prove me at fault, he had to become an Adwaitee and deny his "moral Governor and Ruler of the Universe," by throwing him overboard "for the last 20 years." This is not honest, my friend, and I do not see any help for it. For who can prove — when he says that the arguments embodied in his letters to me were not the expressions of his own personal belief and opinions, but brought forward simply to answer the probable objections of a theistic public — that it is no better than cheating? With such an intellectual acrobat, ever ready to perform the "grand trapeze" whether in reference to what he states verbally, or — puts on paper even we have to appear beaten. For the latter we care very little


אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה is the Hebrew for the phrase "I am that I am".

grand trapèze is a highly dangerous figure performed in circus where acrobats are flying from one moving trapeze to another one, with no safety net.