Transition through Pisces into Aquarius

10 March, 1990



 There was time when I would meet Lyudmila rather often and we "spent much time" together in different social places – visited restaurants, went shopping,  walked in the city parks, or made short trips to the countryside. Then I didn't think much of the deep meaning of those situations, being not "in the subject". But now I understand, that it was mutual energetic work of Leo and Aquarius.



Feb 16, 1990

 This time everything went on quick and easy. There were not any obstacles at all. I had my English friend then (Pieces by sign), a diplomat, who invited me to join him in his trip to England. It took him practically no time to help me with visa, though in nineties to get a permission for going abroad seemed quite impossible for ordinary people, and to Great Britain – particularly!

There we stayed at his sister's house together – He, his wife, his sister and myself. Very soon my really dubious and "shaky" position in the family became quite evident to me. And above all, I began to feel terrible pain in my belly, everlasting, non-stop, not for a minute! I thought the reason was probably in local fresh water, or change of food, but now I 've come to realise quite clearly, that I suffered from the strongest energetic tightness in my vital centre. I was almost dying of this awful pain – and it looked like physical sacrifice! So, I felt absolutely miserable, this sense of discomfort growing worse and worse with days on! Though from its outer side my life looked perfect: the people were polite, and friendly, living conditions – on high level... Still I found myself desperately unhappy and humiliated: the formal behaviour of those people and the "Pisces" betrayal of my friend who was trying "to serve two masters" with his obsessive, false care, – all seemed so unbearable! After two weeks of suffering in this "deathly" situation, I finally told the man in sharp words that I couldn't stay there any longer, that I was leaving... Next day in the airport where "all the family" came to see me off, quite unexpectedly to myself I burst out screaming in very harsh and rude words all that I thought of them, – of their lies, their hypocrisy and meanness, throwing out the accusations right in their faces so violently, that they all stood horrified, with their mouths open, and their faces red, being unable to grasp the reason of such a hysterical "explosion", while I was screaming and shouting out loud amidst all those "beauties" of the prosperous world... Then I sharply turned round and resolutely made for the gates – to my flight. I couldn't explain then why I lost control of myself, as well as they were completely shocked by my "ingratitude" and "unmotivated aggression". How I dared! After all good they had done to me!

I remember quite clearly, that right after the incident the feeling of great relief came upon myself, and at that very moment I realised that my stay in England had come to an end, and all the relations were broken off.

And I've learnt lately that all that happened to me was due to my participation in a mutual mysterial work of the Group, and all that Lyudmila experienced on a spiritual level "passed through" my aetheric-physical body. Yes, that's what it was – sacrificing my throat centre, heart and vitality (a "throat" cry in the airport, vital pain in the belly, a "blow" in the heart because of the man's deceit), – and triumphant relief as a final result...


March, 10, 1990

 Lyudmila: In the system of gradations of human energies astral vibrations are lower than mental ones – that's why emotionality, so typical for the Russians, is lower by its level, as compared to the mental energy of the West. Though I kept telling you before that the energetic of a Russian is higher than that of a western person. To interpret this concept from a human being's viewpoint wouldn't be correct enough, just because being focused on a level of the vital centre, on its vital and heart subplane, suppose, the ordinary western intelligentsia still represents energetically the throat and mental subplane of the vital plane generally.

But as soon as a person is inspired spiritually and begins meditating, – his/her mental principle links up with Manas; while heart and vitality, rooted in the astral plane and being on the line of the Second Ray, – thus links up with Buddhi. It means that in his manifestation of Soul energies, a Russian evokes higher sound than a western person. Therefore, in England when Irina found herself in the "cultural" mental-throat energetic zone, she was losing. But due to the emotional explosion that launched her off the capsuled, dead media of western people, she finally won the battle, with her violent self-sacrificed protest that broke through their personal Ring-pass-not and reached higher levels. That's why foreigners would speak of the mystery of the Russian Soul, and we say that the Russian Soul is higher by its level than the western one, but we never assert that while speaking about our personal energy, by the way.

And now, that's what happened during twenty-five days when Irina stayed in England. It turned out that she, if we observe this mystery from the highest point above, in the magic – of Leo and Aquarius unification, and not only the energies of these signs of Zodiac, but of Fixed Cross as a whole, being sacrificed as Brahma (Spiritual Triad), together with instantaneous "Uspenye"* (Dormition) and sacrifice of Mother of God representing the Fixed Cross as total, and the sacrifice of the Third aspect of Monad, – all simultaneously, – in this magic she (Irina) played the role of a physical-etheric body. Throughout all my overnight witness visions of that time there passed the line of on-going sacrifices and destroying transformations on the astral plane, while Irina experienced those on the physical-etheric plane. Everything went to show that she was to perish there in England. As she told herself, three times she appeared to be on the verge of being hit by a car. First time she fell down just in front of moving cars. Another time she slipped on the road right at the wheel of a car, and the driver could hardly slow down. And the third time when she was crossing the road in due place and with traffic lights green, she suddenly saw a car rushing at a mad speed towards her. Within the fraction of a second she sprang back but could notice faces of bandits through the front glass... Irina told me thereafter that all such dangerous incidents were almost unbearable to overcome...

In fact those English friends really despised her, and by showing their affection and care simply wanted to demonstrate their "cultural" superiority. No doubt, Irina was destined to a car accident (English kundalini) there, but it didn't happen because she’d already been integrated in the group organism in Moscow. The matter was that shortly before the event our group planned to leave for the U.S.A. to conduct the spiritual work there, and Irina, who then worked with the U.S. Embassy, was busy with bringing our visa applications to the Department, and by doing so she practically became built in the body of the group. So there in England she sacrificed herself just "in the nick of the time" to catch hold of the higher ("uspevala") – but on the physical plane; she managed to "break away", just like me, when in my overnight witness vision I flew up to the most high to hover – as the Dove. Evidently it was the release out of the world Third Ray, manifested through Russia, or through the Russian Soul, which symbolises the Head, or Manas, – the aspect of Holy Spirit, and the Dove being Its image.

At that crucial moment, when Irina "exploded" so dramatically, she was newly born as Soul herself. Her former attitude towards the West was ruined; though quite possibly she could energetically "sag" nowadays, but at that time, with her being involved in the course of the group mystery, everything was done right. As a result of this "riot" all her relations abroad, friends, monetary support were lost, but in case she didn't cry out all she thought of them, and didn't cut off the ties immediately, her destructive losses would have been of much Greater Importance.

Exactly on the very day, Thursday, or Friday, when Irina was "fighting" there under the pressure of the English lower First Ray, in my overnight vision I saw her as a tall, grey, seventy-year-old woman. It was the large, First Ray Entity and we merged together on the inner plane. That woman was surely – the Master, working with the First Ray of England by the use of our group and Irina too. It was right after this act of unification when we, as a group organism, in my vision found ourselves in the train arriving at the terminal station, and there began "the baggage drop-off" – all the things that Lyuba had been gathering for me before.** It apparently concerned my Moon karma in the sign of Capricorn, Lyuba's solar sign of Zodiac too. Shortly thereafter everybody disappeared off the scene, but I got the feeling of some hard, ever growing pressure upon myself so strong, that I seemed dying three times... I was begging: "Christ, save me!", then finally, I said: "Christ, save us all, not only me!" I guess It happened only on the third time when I, being Leo (individual consciousness), became unified with Aquarius – the group consciousness, and therefore I could say instead of "Save me." – "Save us all!" Just at the moment when I seemed to overcome the pressure and could straighten up, I saw Christ sitting right above my head. It was He Who was killing me three times, and all these three times I managed to die ("uspevala") by my quality of lower Leo. No doubt He was holding me energetically and I saw Him crying. So, when I said: "Save us all!" for the third time, I obviously reunited Leo and Aquarius. And only then did I feel strength coming back to my body, but all of a sudden there appeared two absolutely disgusting briquettes made of some "insect" wormlike material – in my hands. And with my two hands holding these briquettes I crushed two ugly vermin insects crawling towards me. I managed to do this because the First Ray passing through Christ, had already been ringing in the energies of lower Aquarius on the astral plane, and the Master was "raising me". And by doing so, He raised you too, together with Irina Aquarius, as we were the joint group organism.

This all happened due to the magic performed with the use of the group and through the situation, connected with our possible trip to America and Irina's visit to England. It was not incidentally that she joined us while bringing our papers to the U.S. Embassy. It turned out, that through America we linked ourselves with the Second Ray, and Irina was linked with the Third Ray, governing Russia. England, however, is governed by the First Ray. And we managed to "break it all through". It means that the magic was directed onto the destruction of the Third Ray, "Brahmic", I would say, "insect like" material, associated with Russian lower Aquarius principle, when its formal logic, "eating itself up" in the inside, still crawls around with its strange, "insect" orientation. And when this principle is sacrificed – Holy Spirit breaks away to soar high as the Dove. We can see it on the icon "Dormition of Mother of God", how Mother of God through the Act of Transformation ascends from the deathbed – onto the higher level, and now is resting in the arms of Christ as a little girl, though She still remains integrated in the general organism. On the higher plane we can see Her as a dancing woman, and high above there is androgenic Christ; and the girl (the Dove), and the dancing woman fit in as His female half, thus becoming His right female leg that rests on the ground, while His left male leg being sacrificed, is lifted. That is, the stone – the Third Ray, – "the stone which the builders disallowed," – was sacrificed – "the same is made the head of the corner" (the Bible quоt.). I had a revelation just yesterday bringing us to the tremendous event that took place two thousand years ago, when the Jews after they had passed through the era of Aries, and in the result of it, as the flower of their evolution, gave birth to Jesus.

Jesus together with the group of Apostles, embodied in the Era of Pisces brought forth the mysteries of initiation in the sign of Pisces. It means that as early as Solar System and all the Humanity therefore, entered the Zodiac of Pisces, it's through Christ and the Apostles that the complete magic of spiritualizing, e.g., Ringing in the energies of Pisces was performed. Those processes brought about the birth of Christianity. Since then, and throughout two thousand year times within this spiritual Ring there had been developed its inner stages: when Christianity was spreading all over the world, penetrating deep into the national materials, so that the whole structure of Christian religion finally acquired its closed, complete and solid form. Yesterday I got a new revelation, that we, as the group organism of Mother of God were born at the time of Solar System transition through the sign of Pisces into Aquarius. And Russia, being the third Ray country – Brahma, under the guidance of Mother of God, the country that combines in itself Manas – as the ancient Rus, Buddhi – as the cultural Russian tradition of the eighteenth, nineteenth centuries, and above all, the Soviet Russia – as the Atmic spiritual assets, – consequently manifested and asserted the Aquarius Atmic Sound in its highest harmonies. Two thousand years in advance. And it's not we, who worked this sound out. It passed through our group as the unified organism, being formed after we had taken the line of serial initiations, however different for everybody. Mother managed ("uspevala") to break out the death grasp and flew up high as the Dove! To my mind it indicates a new, higher level than the one before, and naturally it does. Just as it happened in those times when the Apostles, after they had completed their Jesus-Christian Mission, were dispersed into different countries, – today, the Russians, not only as Slavonic and Christian people, but also as the Soviet people will be spreading all over the world so that the Aquarius Atmic Sound of Holy Spirit will engulf everywhere and assert Itself on the Earth. And we believe that the program of Ringing in (setting up the Spiritual Ring) the Aquarius energies, or "the Man carrying а jar of water", who Christ spoke of, – has been accomplished by now. It will definitely cause the negative reaction and we are in store for confronting russophobia and antisovietism as a result... But nevertheless there appears the unique, newly gained Russian force of the Slavonic-Russian-Soviet organism and it will trigger the "explosion" in all the nations in the world until they have to assimilate these energies of the New Age of Aquarius which is going to last for another two thousand years. So if two thousand years ago there took place the disperse of the Jews, now we are going to witness the disperse of the Russians. The same process is to repeat each time when Solar System enters the next Zodiac. Therefore if in the age of Pisces Mother of the group organism was embodied in the Jew body, nowadays she can possibly be a Russian woman or a Russian-Jewish half-blood. The process keeps going on through her until she passes through "Uspenye" (Dormition), and will be able to appear as the Dove on the next, higher level, and so on...

Mother of God once embodied in Magdalene, and having worked with John then, followed Her truly spiritual way up to Christ and finally took the initiation that time, I believe, probably equal to, or even higher than that of Jesus. Here we come to the conclusion that all mentioned above concerns the body of Brahma, or the White Old Man, Who in the New Testament Trinity – (Spiritual Triad-Monad-Adi) – represents the aspect of Mother. There the previous Mother is sacrificed and new One ascends into Father's head and comes out newly born, the same as Athena was born out of Zeus's head who had swallowed up Metis All-Wise, his first wife after she got pregnant. Father of Gods (represents Manas according to "The Secret Doctrine") feared that after the daughter Athena his wife was going give birth to the son (Buddhi), Who would throw Zeus off his throne. That's why right out of the head of the White Old Man there breaks away Mother, Who then will give birth to a child. Thus in my vision I saw myself embracing Sasha Gemini – who had abandoned the group by that time and our relations seemed come to an end, – when all of a sudden there appeared the White Old Man with a baby in His arms, and He began "to toss" him up in the air. To my mind this tossing signified new amounts of Christ energies being worked up through Sasha. He was tossing up little Christ – the soul, and catching Him from below, tossing and catching again, by this act setting up the Ring of this soul fullness. But suddenly His hands dropped. My heart sank for fear that the child might fall onto the ground. But it turned out that the baby remained somewhere high above. Hence I was able to watch the magic process of separating Sasha's Gemini soul from his personal self which had no ties with its soul, not any more. I told you yesterday, that everything which fails to "catch hold of Mother Who enters Father's head" on each of Her own plane – all that will be inevitably destructed here. On the outer plane it's the Father's head that becomes the Dove, representing the initiative, apostolic, priestly, as we say, – intelligent material, which is spreading all over the Earth in order to ferment all the nations with the new program of Aquarius. And in the most wonderful way this magic was performed through Irina and ourselves! First we became unified on the higher level through the First Ray Master, and then three times I was subject to being tested, and the Master was crying over myself, when finally I could crush two ugly vermin insects. Truly, Christ is connected with the sign of Gemini, and following this magic line I definitely received the additional amount of energy on my hands. This way Irina and we together came to be involved into the awesome mystery along with activating the egregor of Gemini, the U.S.A. Zodiac sign.

And I still wonder why she escaped being hit by car anyway. Recently I've been just looking through my notes I made оn those days... In some strange way she made an appointment with me for a consultation shortly before her trip to England and we decided to have a walk together. I felt as if something kept me stick to her; we dropped in some cafe on the way, then went on walking again... It looked like Irina experienced a sort of "trance" under the influence of Higher Forces, and I couldn't but felt some strong compassion towards her. I helped her to get into a bus going on circular route, and it brought us to some strange place... I also remember her huge bag and myself carrying this bag all the way. And still I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was playing the man's role for her and I had to support her energetically and take care of her in all ways. I was carrying her heavy bag despite her objections "Please, no!" as I felt that she had some ache in the inside and was really in a bad state... In any other case I wouldn't even keep the idea in my mind of taking somebody's things to carry them, but our situation seemed to be quite extraordinary. So we were wandering around, till we got into some muddy place, and I remember how I practically three times pulled her from under moving cars... You know, she is so reckless on the road! And I helped her to get off the bus too. You can hardly imagine how ridiculous it all looked: I was like a chicken, сlucking over her... I said to myself: "What's going on?!" So it went on and on for several hours: several times we appeared to be in the bulk of heavy traffic as if she was seeking for a death accident, though my feeling of protection of her grew much stronger... Finally we found ourselves in a distant industrial area in a tram terminal, where we couldn't get out of so easily without changing for another tram... You know how it happens sometimes, when you quite accidentally get into a dead-end situation. Now I've come to realise that this my protection of Irina and her integration in the group organism helped her to win in England and return home safe. Definitely the English First Ray was aimed at "killing" the Russian, Serpent-Aquarius, – just look how perfectly all the events were lined up.

Irina, her psycho-type of Serpent-Aquarius, the same as of Russia (representing the Third Ray), goes to England – the First Ray. There she, the Russian, is being humiliated and insulted by the arrogant attitude towards her, though not so open and direct. As a response to it there comes her "explosion" at the very last moment of her stay there – and she returns home renewed.

Lyuba, Capricorn: I'd like to mention, that the year 1941 is the lowest point of the involutive process, and it's right here that a new turn of the evolution spiral starts up...

Lyudmila: Yes, and the year 1942 is the beginning of the evolutive ascent from the lowest involutive point marked by the peak crisis in the Stalingrad Battle.

Nikolay: It's just before the rise that the largest amount of lower energies flow to.

Sergei, Sagittarius: Yes, and just the next day after Lyudmila was born, Stalin, the most cruel leader, whose coagulate was held and fully absorbed by the Highest First Ray Master, issued the decree "Not a single step back!". That was the point where the involutive move came to its halt.

Пятидесятница. Икона.Lyudmila: Oh, yes. The year 1941 was extremely hard. I remember many people born that year, and definitely there were enough, of all kinds of perverts, black occultists and other dirty scoundrels among them. They are all Serpents, somewhat "rotten" in the inside... You remember how once in Leningrad I was invited by such one to visit him and how he offered me a seat on sort of a throne placed on pedestal. That way he wanted to test my "arrogance"... But I was so overwhelmed with my actual subject, that didn't even notice it first, but later I figured out what were his real intentions. That is why for the recent two weeks I have been working with you practically non-stop trying to get "iron hold" of the situation energetically. It's within those twenty days of Irina's trip to England that the most powerful magic was performed. In some sense I was like "Mother of God" for you who is sitting amidst apostles conducting Holy Spirit onto them so that they can happily receive It. I wonder if you remember this icon (picture 15)... And naturally, She is too much interested in each of them to receive this Holy Spirit. But after She has already ascended and moved onto the higher plane, you have to focus your attention to Her as the Shrine, and send your invocation over Her Spiritual Channel waiting for the evocation to come. But you better not expect of Her to remain the part of the old organism and to be happy only because you, as a fetus, keep sticking to Her. Not any more.

Новозаветная Троица. Икона.Therefore on the icon of New Testament Trinity (picture 16) there is Son, Father and the Dove in between flying up high over the Earth with a cross set up on it, symbolising Mother's ascension after Her "Uspenye", spiritual transformation. Here arises а new organism, overshadowed by the Higher Entity, Who embodies the spiritual aspects of Father and Mother fused together, which brings in quite new type of relations to be established in the group. Now its members in no way can claim to be treated in a warm-like, nursing manner. Just because the group organism as a whole body has acquired quite different qualities too. Therefore with achieving a certain spiritual age it becomes absolutely prohibited for the aspired offer himself to any Superior System to be cared for and further developed by all means. I didn't come upon such case in my practice, but if I did, I definitely shouldn't allow this. You understand?"



* "Uspenye". In Christian tradition the spiritual Transition of Mother of God through the gates of Death in the Russian language has the notation of "Uspenye" (Dormition). The verbal form "uspevala" notifies the completion of this process and acquires a new shade of meaning, – of a certain high moment, when a soul losing its personal sheaths and not being held in the Earth aura any more, is able to catch hold of the higher plane, with its continuous ascent onto it. It's exactly this process that we can see on the icon "Dormition of Mother of God" when Her Soul, not tied to its physical sheath any more, ascends high up to the Heavens to be cherished in the arms of Her Divine Son, the Christ.

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** The group organism appeared to arrive by train at the terminal station, were they voluntarily left all the things "that had been gathered for me earlier by Lyuba." This passage describes the scene in the L. witness vision, where the voluntary "baggage drop off" symbolises crucifying by free will or sacrificing when all the subtle bodies, or sheaths, that have already performed their function at the previous stage, must be dropped off. All "things" or "belongings", here mean the full number of definite spiritual assets that have been developed by the initiated disciple before. In the Gospel such situation is symbolically described in the story about a "rich young man", who was supposed to give out all his riches to the poor by his own will and follow Christ – free, as it's only the most essential spiritual Core that can be transferred to the new Life and onto the new higher level, while all Its outer shells must be abandoned. These shells signify the things, or belongings to be left, or "baggage" dropped off "at the terminal station, where" the train – as the symbol of the soul group organism – had arrived", to the border line, which determines the pass over and onto the new higher level. "The poor", whom the young man had to give out his riches – are those who accept the assets which the superior Structure leaves, passing over to the new higher stage – free. Similarly three Roman warriors – from the First Ray group of Jesus Christ – quarrelled over His chiton, each of them claiming it. Thereafter according to the legend they became the Christian martyrs. They were the well-known сеnturion Longin and his two subordinates. We find another legend in the book by the Tibetan (A.A. Bailey), saying that when the Jews came up to the gates of Initiation (the terminal station), overloaded with all the riches of the world, they refused to drop "all these things" off and so they couldn't pass through the gates of Initiation.

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  Transition through Pisces into Aquarius