"Pattern of the day"

(Updated translation)
3 May, 1984

 We came in, took our seats, got relaxed and found ourselves together. All the previous week we were fussing busy with our personal affairs of different necessity. But you must admit that in some way those affairs as a rule drew our attention off our inside, our own Self, and we had a feeling of the importance of outer relations with the world and people. But all our contacts anyhow did not enrich us, but on the contrary, we felt robbed, exhausted and weary. It was an ordinary week but why such an exhaustion?

Now nothing seems to change, we didn't even say a word to each other, we only came in and sat together with those who perceive the Higher. There came the silence of sense, our attending to the Higher in silence. Quite naturally the Higher actualised at once, because I am not the only one who loves It and who lives with It – but there is the group, a brother, a sister, there is the unity in the honour of the real Higher. We have inwardly realised only two moments: first – we are all here for the sake of the Higher inside us, and second: we are together because we love the Higher. You can feel the coming warmth, joy, calmness, fullness, sense, energy, even physical health. I am – for the sake of the real Higher! I am with those who love It, as much as I love It. And then all my activities are not just routine any more – they are the result of these two moments. And now the actuality of my doings and contacts is determined not by the necessity of the activities and contacts as they are. They are now the outcome of my actual interaction with the Higher and with the people, since we've been unified by the Highest Council. You can see the difference.

Usually in our everyday life any activity is important by itself. It is so not because of your Divine Soul's state, but because the activity itself god for itself. If you observe all the weekly activity from this point of view, you will see that it is true. You were induced by the temporal, not by the Eternal, which means that the energy interaction was horizontal. You were fed and you consumed energies horizontally. In fact it was your temporal Self that lived on, not the eternal Soul. So what was this week for? I am speaking not about the law of morals but about surviving into what has sense.

In this case it is necessary to have not just different comprehension of it, it is necessary to dwell in Life not in death. Life – as God’s living, not of human beings, who consider the continuance of life only as of genetic or cultural origin and who deny the duration of individual consciousness. What so ever world’s outlook, belief, wish or aspiration could be – the Truth is the only actuality at any given moment of the being. Life is not the world’s standpoint, but it is actual surviving through every moment. And we, when speaking about our true life, don’t base on any viewpoint either. We rely upon the urgency of each instant moment. Such actual and the most intimate perception of every moment is real God.

The inner aim focused on something special and necessary in your life produces certain energy fields. The energy fields of your aura (ascending, descending, personal, Hierarchic) are generated by the actual goal of your life. Energies and your energy fields determine your inner state, your way of life. It has nothing to do either with the viewpoint, or with faith and ritual evening prayers if there is no vital importance in them. The only thing of primary significance is – what actuality in fact makes your day the most meaningful?! What is it that you consider the most urgent – that is the problem.

Why there were monasteries? Not really for the reason that people could just bar from the outer world with stony walls, but for them to be psychologically aware of the fact that they came to serve for something quite different, that they got quite a special “appointment”, definite, real. They were told that they must “attain eternal bliss” in places where icons hang... And there – is their abode, and there – is their spiritual father. And they subdued all their life being to this purpose. They took up the service and they were “registered” as “attaining bliss”; and it went together with food, sleep, communications, labour – all the aspects of monastery life.

For instance imagine two possible variants of personal interrelations. The first one – he and she as two intellectual persons meet for romance in amiable Moscow and they are actualised in it. Whatever spiritually minded they are, their love and marriage will be their natural affair of primary importance. And all their nature will turn in the direction of the horizontal personal contact. But if they meet and actualize the search for themselves as Souls in Cosmos, and they comprehend that salvation and death are quite real – their relations will result in their mutual wish to save the Soul, and become far more beautiful and harmonic, than in the first variant. It will trigger quite a new type of the interaction and consequently their relations will become lavished with Hierarchy energies and obtain quite a new type of nature. When being engaged in some activities we keep in mind the plane of Souls Evolution, in this case the Hierarchy of Light comes to be the source of energy for us, making all our situations and activities energetically inspired. All what's happening is very exact and in terms of energy (here lies the secret of our “inexplicable” inspirations).

But we believe quite vaguely in something “high above”, whereas our real life is here, in our ordinary situations, and our deity is also here, hence the source of energy is here too. And in this horizontal life we appear to be pressed by horizontal personal energies which are nonhomogeneous by their “frequency” and even hostile to the Soul. Believe me it all happens very precisely in techniques. The actualisation of different levels of our inner state is our switching in different levels of energy intensity: from the planes of temporal life up to the planes of eternal Being.

Our emotions realize different kinds of energy activity. I am speaking about real emotion not imaginable or desired. It must be total, earthly natural. The experiment made in mysterial and meditative work shows the necessity of transforming the energy field as the requirement in order to survive on the Earth. A person must specify and make his Higher state continuously actual, so that he can see how his earthly activities have been changing. Energy fields on the Earth, in our ordinary life and in surviving into immortality are mutually dependent.

All spiritual people come to realize this not with their inquiring mind as a rule, but at the moments of crisis, or on the verge of physical death, when one has to find the way out of a deadlock and search for some reliable support. The support inside oneself. As the Buddhists say: “To take refuge”. In such case the open centres-chakras, with the energies running free in the system, and the intensification of the field – prove not the result of the experimental curiosity, but the result of the search how to survive on the Earth and in Cosmos, when you have to find “the way out”, when you have to extend your life. When we postpone the spiritual practice for Sunday hours, for morning and evening meditations, but in our daily life find ourselves busy with something alien, but seemingly of vital importance, we gain only earthly results, not the hierarchy body. And don’t tell me about faith – it’s nonsense. In fact, you are not There! You actualise something different. Seek only what is vibrating as the truth in every present situation, the genuine truth for you. What principles you work out here? What type of life you extend? What source of your survival you choose? Don't separate faith from life. Rely on the spiritual life as your vital principle, as your support. And with this support (it will never let you down) make all the moves, all the actions. There is nothing extraordinary about it. You simply put everything in its proper place: the world of causes occupies the primary place and the world of gestures and effects (the outer world) – the secondary, peripheral place. Don't labour in the “outer darkness”. With Light of your inner state you make a gesture in the outer world.

Now time has come to build up your lives on quite a new principle. You are solemn at the moment of death, funeral, when facing tragedies, wars on the Earth. Why are you not solemn in the everyday life?! As if death (and only death) teaches you solemnity, deep seriousness and crystal perfection of your intangible bodies.

Now I see the intangible bodies either as loose, arimanic, ruffed, baggy, or as refined and elegant ones. This is not the elegance of culture this is the elegance of Reality breathing. You can see such elegance, intensive fields, and the beauty of the higher bodies in those who don't make curtsey any more to all that is not the Source, not the Master, not Light. Those who feed from the Spiritual Sound, who are not attached to the forms any more, who are filled with the Higher World’s touches, who have meditative channels – they with all the abundance of touches and channels come to the outer world, really enrich this world and help it.

The relief from the necessity of outer situations and contacts means breaking through tunnel up, it’s a really open chakra which receives the stream of Light directly. And there begins a miracle! You find yourself living both There and here; both in Essence and in earthly life. This is how the Light bearing rings of aura set up. This is how your consciousness gets assimilated with the world of Hierarchy of Light via meditation.

The acme of our childish and youth dreams was the Bolshoi Theatre, or Cosmos, or some professional, very special sphere of service, or a high contact, or it could be the great Love. And each time we were desperately tied to the outer world waiting for the gift of fortune, depending on a person, surroundings, on our family or someone's decision. How many bows we had to give to the outer world, so that Light Itself touching us can soothe, spotlight the sense and bring it to us. The sense, and that is – food for our Soul.

Presently, when Shamballa is setting up contacts with the humanity, we experience something quite special: the fires of the outer world’s satiety are going out, there appears some wonderful self-sufficiency instead, and we are able to perceive greater amount of knowledge and signs, we are apt to visions and initiations – as if the firm and loving hand is directing us now, and it is this Light, this touch, this attention which imbue. All the rest is just something that follows. Whether I stay in silence or being involved in action, what kind of love, family or friendship I will have, if any – all this is merely the consequence. I break the chains of the outer world’s dependence, I take refuge in the world of Soul and Monad. I am — in action, but I will not allow any of my moves to rough up the smooth surface of the Truth. No results and goals, neither publishing houses nor publications, no movements, and no marriages – as they are. What marriage, scientific or artistic work there can be — apart from the Higher Reality? Everything of the outer world must be abandoned, like morning dew dropped off the leaf. The result comes forth by itself, as the sequence of essential moves.

  "Pattern of the day"