Commentaries to apocryphal "Mary Magdalene's Gospel"

(Updated translation)
5 May, 1984

 Today in morning meditation there came a comprehension of a phrase from “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel”: “Eve wished Adam only for herself”. It was neither the wish of allegiance in couple nor a protest against “free” relations. It was not setting up the higher law of couple; otherwise Eve wouldn’t have been called a “faithful servant of Devil”.

Eve didn’t want Adam to associate with the “Celestial angelhood”. How can one receive higher energies of Manas-Buddhi-Atma when he must organize “labour and wars” on Earth!? Why associate with the Light-bearing Beings of the Hierarchy when it’s necessary to “hunt for flesh” and to “satisfy Eve’s lust”!? Eve knew that energy of Adam was impersonal. Or it would flow down on the earthly being, and he would be mortal. Or it would be used to “attain the Hierarchy” – and he would become immortal. Eve chose death. “She gave meat to Adam” – and “lust flared up in him”. This way Eve put Adam in her possession.

Limited by the life of our earthly personality we need our partners for horizontal mutual feeding thus preparing death for each other. But at first we meet a person as a Soul. Love, a flash of delight, a touch of the higher Being! Later when energies of the Soul are eaten up by our personalities we suddenly see that the delight is gone, the state of love has vanished. After several years, days or even hours we won't be able to “keep” this state any more, and so one thinks looking at the other: “But he deceived me, he isn’t That.” Or at best he’ll say: “Well, he cannot keep this state any longer but it still remains in our memory”. And so these two, basing upon the former meeting of Souls they once experienced, now organize their household, children and family. Basing on the higher meeting of your Souls you feed the devil! Taking the impulse and light from above and secure your own self. You secure it even more than at times when it roamed the Еarth weeping and seeking for a partner: then at least it was submissive and humble in waiting. And what is it now? You could at least ask: family, domestic life, children – what kind of energies do they all live on? Those of Soul or of personality, of the Eternal or of the temporal being? What's happened? You just make your personality comfortable and nothing more. “Eve was seeking Adam for herself” – and she found him.

If a tryst (as great magic) doesn’t reinforce the energy of vibrational activity of the sixth ascension, if the Higher Entities of this plane do not bless us, not reveal Themselves through our nature, and not imbue our inside – how can we practice couple relations? We are earthly people, we are – the pedestal of the God’s Throne, we represent the Earth, the seventh center of the Solar Logos, the point of Its magic! How dare we fix by ourselves (as the act of magic) old interactions, focused on intensifying the energies of Lord of the Earth! Till he is dominating this plane we can watch mad, reckless manifestation of sex and the endless raw of married couples who lost their love long ago, and whose lust is justified by the easily given blessing of the powerful human morals.

“Once failed to unite in the Bridechamber Adam and Eve fell down” (Bridechamber is the Union on the level of Monad, the higher sacral center), which means that the sacral center was not spiritualized; that’s why Satan succeeded to tempt Eve, and so Eve could tempt Adam… But if there was a fall here, there will be the victory. It means that the revival of Soul and Spirit of humanity will come into being through the “Sacred center” or the sixth center as the Masters of the Hierarchy call it.

In the interrelations of the two there must be the truth. In our childhood we loved the truth in fairytales, we sought for it in our first love. We felt it in our youth and we set ourselves ready for it in our selfless devotion, as if we had been really trained in ashrams of the Masters between incarnations, and They had laid the awareness about this truth in us long before our birth.

Eventually our memory, corroded by the rust of routine life, fatigue, despair, false earthly wisdom – got ready to fade, but if some of us withstood the pressure, protested, fought, went on searching and asserting the truth in our destiny, then it would come not in the form of a law of morals but as reality – by meditation and in our visions, through learning about the plane of Being, and with the amounts of energy of the sixth level of the Hierarchy – the sixth step of the great Jacob’s Ladder.

For this to be realized it’s important for Eve to change. She has to bring about a new evolutional stage on the Earth. She has to understand the benefit of not only the earthly survival but of the intangible-matter spiritual survival as well. It is important for her to be able to sense energetic levels precisely. It is important for her to learn how to meditate and recognize energies. It is necessary for her that she’d wish to survive into Cosmos.

In Russian fairy tales Tsarinas were placed into high towers, and young noble men had to put their efforts and reach the highest windows of the tower. And then Tsarina gave him her handkerchief as reward. But before giving a handkerchief new Eves must “sit into the higher tower”. So that a rider can have the grounds why take a run and where to fly up on his good horse…

Probably the time has just come for new Eves’ ashrams on the Earth? And the Earth will change then? Perhaps, it's for a good reason that our Russian fairy tales appeared on the Earth, and that at the end of a tale a newly couple always wins and defeats Kаschei the Deathless and Baba-Yaga*? And it’s not by chance why the Worker Man and the Farmer Woman (famous monument of the Soviet times) striving, rushed up in the sky above Moscow, their hands holding high hammer and sickle – the symbols of sanctified Masculine and Feminine principles? And there must be some reasonable grounds why “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel” speaks not only about Saints of God, not only about Mothers of God but also about the Beloved of God who will be living on the Earth someday? May be this “someday" has already come?

Therefore, meditation of couple is necessary. It’s necessary to prepare yourself for a tryst with the beloved entity as the great magic of a new Being manifestation.

That’s why “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel” says that “the Beloved of God welcomes Her Husband, the Apostle, once a month, and they stay together for several days”.

If only Eve were rooted in Adam’s Soul there would have been no fall. Many times people reach the height of the meeting, but being unaware of their Divine nature, unable to meditate they fall down and feed up their lower nature as a result.

Here you have to convert yourselves into New Adam and New Eve so that the good match would be determined not by a dreaming squeal of your own self but by your Hierarchical eternal body.




* Kaschei the Deathless, Baba-Yaga – personages of Russian fairy tales

  Commentaries to apocryphal "Mary Magdalene's Gospel"