Who are you? The dancer or just a sum of moves?

(Updated translation)
2 May, 1984

 Now you come and get ready to listen to me. But before I begin speaking, I “listen” to you inwardly. And I “hear” the following: “How does the Teacher feel about me? How do I look like? Am I appreciated enough or not? Am I criticised or not? How do the people around feel about me? Shall I be able to fit the context and the subject?”– that is your selfish bundle of agitation. I hear neither your interest to the subject, nor the continuation of your own inner life, nor your question to me.

Thus by passing from one situation to another you become merely a clot of reaction to the outer world. Trying to adapt yourself to it you never continue your own life. It would be quite natural unless there is Eternal Entity inside each of you. In the very centre of your consciousness, if to uncode it to the most deep inner core, you are the Universal Consciousness, you are Soul, you are Spirit. And it is Universal Consciousness which determines all peripheral movements, that is what dances its everlasting dance and all the moments of the external life are only “moves” of this Dancer.

If you decide to become just a sum of troubles that root in your contacts with the world (as it happens now) you remain source-less, fussy, torn apart, uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and the Great Dancer (your Ego, Universal Consciousness) will take his eyes off you. Just imagine how can Eternal Dancer allow the domination of sum of his “moves” which were just to express him, to take priority of Him?

If this domination still sets up, first you feel pain. Then you get used to this pain though become irritated (for no apparent reason) and in order to survive you begin feeding yourself on the source of horizontal interaction. And then it seems to you that those with whom you are in horizontal interaction don't give you enough, and you begin to weave your absurd destiny of relations, disappointments and demands. Limiting yourself to the life of forms you finally become totally identified with it. You follow its law. And finally you are it, you are temporal as it is. You will die in future, but now you are not satisfied. Major “Dancer” took off his eyes and you lost the chance to be identified with Him.

But the primary reason is very simple, you failed to keep consciousness in the zone of your Soul. When I have the Spirit Channel, the channel of attention and higher interaction, I am firm, I am self-sufficient, I am working up my essential Self, I am building up the Hierarchy bodies of Manas, Buddhi, Atma. Out of this state I communicate with the outer world perfectly. It is not isolation, it is the great self-sufficient solitude, out of which I naturally stretch my horizontal hands towards friendship, love, activity. But you see, I do have something out of which I “stretch out my hands”! My feeding source is not the object towards which I “stretch my hands” (you give me, and I'll give you). The Highest Self - this is always the feeding source. It is quite real in me. I really feel the grant of Light, the power of cosmic energy, when I am in meditation – in a vertical interaction with the world of souls, with the Hierarchy of Light. It is through this interaction that I contact the world and stretch out my helping hand.

You attend to the fact that for many of you it is already incredibly painful to live a different life. To have wives, husbands, relatives, friends, business for no particular reason, without higher need and without any benefit for your soul – all this has become energetically painful. Everybody likes now to speak about “the dark” that somebody “steals” or “drinks” energy from him. But in fact everybody steals from each other as everybody is involved in a horizontal interaction, forgetting that one can “plug in” upwards. There appears a heavy feeling inside you, that of soaking into a warm bog of desperation, feeling of ooze in your heart. It is even hard to breathe. But why is it so? Why do you feel a person your enemy, though you loved him before? It is so because each of you set up as a goal the other’s temporary living personality, but not the perspective, for both, world of souls, where you can last.

If you both come into contact with the Higher Self and keep consciousness in the zone of soul, all the centres (chakras) are open, saturated with cosmic flow! You are united by Eternal Origin. You demonstrate each other the reality of Soul and Spirit .And only now you can encourage a person and he will not be flattered. You can criticise a person and he will not be cross. For the primitive, dense, deaf people who forgot their souls – for all these “logs” this could seem cruel. Cruel! You understand? But let them appear in this space of the childish, sincerity, unattachment, when the source of life is not another person but your own soul - the only one that is able to endow a person. In this case you are not tied to each other, not demanding – you are free from each other as human beings. And you are reunited as souls forever. Your dance is transparent, extensive, kind, and not a single “step” becomes your master. This is freedom. This is creation. This is real love.

Energetically it looks like rising the petals of lotus centres and setting up a steady energetic ring, free breathing, great solitude and at the same time great hearing of the world. It is out of this state that interaction with the outer world begins. And you will see how beautiful is your gesture, how high is your alliance, family, activity.

But if you feel that alliance, family or activity have eaten you up, and you fail to set up the steady energetic ring – leave this zone for a while. Abandon the situations of your life which deprive you of possibility to meditate, you will return to all these situations later, but now remain only in those which initiate in you the Major “Dancer”. These can be certain areas, cities, organizations having one common quality: they initiate in you the eternal body of your Soul.

If a Monastery (the place where Manas was built up) was separated from the outer world by the stony walls and the ashram (the place where Buddhi was built up) widened up these walls so, that it becomes possible to admit the opportunity of families and creation (for example the ashram of Aurobindo), then Atmastroy (so I call our type of spiritual work by which the body of Atma is being built) works in the very core of the social public group life.

What does it mean? It means that you must keep the state of soul (your aura with the lotuses open upward) in all points of your interaction with the outer world. It is the most difficult task that has ever been put before the initiates of the Earth. That is why they are given the biggest volumes of initiating energies inspired as a rule by the First Ray. It is probably for the first time, that they are incarnated to win spiritually in the most dense sacral-kundalini zones.

And hence we are having the revolutionary uplift of the lowest strata of population, and the religion of couple and the total thirst for creation as the acme of every human being.

I am more and more convinced that those who withstand in the spiritual work in our country – are quite extraordinary people possessing the greater energy potential than in their former incarnations. And so everybody of us must cherish the vessel of Spirit - a personal body (ours, or some others). Everybody's soul has built up its particular personality according to its own purposes of incarnation, but as a rule a mature soul masters the denser psychotypical materials and is embodied into the most dense social zones.

And still I beg you – in case you fail to master a zone of some definite density, that draws you off the vertical flow of energy to the horizontal one – step aside in order to keep safe this vertical body of Manas. Gradually with the new effort of your soul you will master new denser zones, and to master a zone is to change it.

How in fact do I keep consciousness in the zone of Soul? Here now, at this moment, in this room, in this situation... My consciousness plunges deep inside and I say to myself. “I am Soul”, and that is already enough. I have got a sum of impressions of myself as a soul. I fix my attention at this impression. Then I say: “Hierarchy of Light”. And immediately there breaks out a feeling of great consanguinity! This is my home! My species! My salvation!

And immediately the ascending begins. Almost automatically, I am climbing up the seven steps of salvation, I enter my native home finding myself in the sacred place which is now living inside of me in some special and actual way. Just look, I live on the last actual impression. For instance, yesterday we were translating Djwhal Khul's book “Rays and the Initiations”. The latest, still brightly alive spiritual impression, that I got yesterday while translating, is actual for me, sparkling deeply inside me. May be you meet a spiritual person and you acquire a new spiritual channel of interaction? Now you recall the image of this interaction, the image of these relations and the meditation is intensified more and more. You live within this actuality.

You remember, that we cannot stay either without a new revelation of our soul or without our next question-appeal. If you ever notice that at almost every session I ask you: “What is your question?” I want your question. I want to know at what stage of conjugal union you have your soul and personality, at what stage of love or divergence they are. It is not just beautiful words, it is really so. Your soul must have destiny. Your soul must have biography. It must have its affection. It must have its grief and its delight. And gradually, your Soul will supersede your personality, makes it happy by saturating it, while the current of soul energies, the Hierarchy current of higher bodies flows into the centres assimilating with them, and sets up the rings of Light on every zone so that your Real Life can be restored.

  Who are you? The dancer or just a sum of moves?