Coherence of consciousness

(New translation)
10 June, 1984

 We have come to realize at last on the level of fine-material perception, of scientific knowledge and experimental approach what our consciousness is. I mean materialistic, real conception of Spirit. If materialism is considered to be an objective principle, then instead of abstract “spirituality” (which is generally taken for a certain ethic norm) it must bring us to the conception of fine-material nature of the Higher Worlds. It must be admitted by the essence of materialism that the state of our intangible bodies is our real being.

When I think of God, in my devotion to the Higher Being, when I love It, pray for It, hence I’m embodied into That world with Its highly intensive energy vibrations and my higher bodies really come to life. My ability to love becomes stronger, it gets revitalized. That is quite certain energy motion. That is a real action in the Universe. “Worked up salvation” isn't – just words or image, but the particular process of building up fine material bodies which are of vital importance to us. If people could just realise that their high state is—the spiritual gains of their own higher bodies, more real, than the physical or astral ones, how excited they would be! And how careful! And how much more sensible the life of their temporary forms would be! And how death would then step back...

Every day and hour of our being we have the possibility to identify ourselves with different zones of life. Here in the mountains, in our Ashram, for instance. Through meditation you assimilate with the energy levels of your Soul. But we have our daily routine here too. Washing up, for example. While some people in the group are meditating the others are “washing the stuff”. The problem is not in the fact of washing up. The problem is which world you are embodied in at that moment. Unfortunately, some women never stop “washing up”, which means that their inner life is steadily directed to just holding the house.

Though one can find sense even in washing up. You may do the washing and think of how to keep your body clean as it serves for your Soul. Or with the idea of getting ready for a festive group meditation in clean clothes. But not in the above mentioned situation. Here we deal with the vеiled low root principle of women expressing not so much their tendency to keep everything clean, as their self-evident claim for the right of the secret, sly and easy domination in the world. Their cliche of the primary ''importance'' of an earthly action contradicts to our general idea of Spirit as the vital principle of life – that is where the sin rests in. Almost imperceptibly, day by day our women substitute the higher root for the lower one, thus turning the whole amount of energy flow go downwards.

You must bear in mind that any earthly action must be subdued in your consciousness to the Higher Being but not the opposite. Child obeys woman, woman’s emotion is subordinate to man’s mind, and man is obedient to God.

Beware of the secret rivalry between Higher principle and lower being in your everyday life!

It seems quite common to us that being engaged in some earthly, as though quite necessary, activities we do nothing wrong. Since we used to sit down for meditation shortly thereafter. Consequently, it comes out that in the course of days and nights, weeks and years we find ourselves mostly busy with our ordinary chores, and in so doing we build on the increasingly denser identity with the world of human vanity, penetrating deep into our nature. Such homogeneity arises quite easily, naturally, and due to its incredible simplicity and apparent naturalness we cannot realize that our consciousness is shifting into the sphere of temporary forms, and therefore must be disintegrated.

If you are not able to cope with your everyday chores, if your meditation is not inspired enough to balance the lower states, don't do anything. Just keep your stand upon what you are living – the evolution of consciousness which is extending from the higher subplanes of the mental level – and on. If you are not inspired by meditation you ought to change your outer activities.

What you need – is to become of Light nature. This ability can well be developed by you. We get embodied into any kind of event through our thought, our word, our relations. For instance, if I feel very anxious about you not meditating, hence I become embodied into you. The focus of directed attention, whether it is the feeling of care, love or hatred – makes me identified with these natures, these phenomena, I mean, with your worlds but not with the higher energies. You are those who represent these worlds on the physical plane. My anxiety about you makes me assimilated with you and your world. If it’s the sphere of house-hold activities I get myself envolved in this world and become identified with daily routine of the earthly being.

Saying so I don't mean that you mustn’t carry out your regular duties or help people. Surely, you may do this all, but in your activities you must rely on the basic principle, and that is – be reverential when interacting with outer world. I can illustrate it this way: your left hand is raised, while your right hand goes down, and your face is always turned upwards. Your right helping hand is giving, and your left hand is receiving energies from above. Otherwise where will you get power for your helping hand? That is how the conscious unit must normally act, when surviving in the Universe.

As far as it accessible to you, you ought to identify yourselves with the Highest revealed to you, trying to attain homogeneity with It in the great experiment of the earthly life. Only then we can become (to a certain extent) the cells of Its body, recognizing It at the initiating moments of the choice when we’re given the right to be born as a new higher body (by evolution):causal, Buddhic, Atmic. And in the afterlife (in the act of liberation or restitution) we will recognize It, and we snuggle up to It, to the dazzling Light of Christ. We shall not run away from our Essence, from our Centre, and not return back to the spheres of disintegrating matter of personality.

As a matter of fact in case we fail to choose the dazzling Light of the Whole, we'll come to witness the Great Beings of Hierarchy Stairs coming stepwise to us, and the Highest Ones being the first Who come. (They are fully described in “The Tibetan Book of the Dead’’, and They are represented as Angels of the “Jacob’s Ladder” in the Bible.)Those coming first look bright (though less intense than the Light of the Whole); coming next seem darker, figures gradually turn darker each time, till finally we see the entities of the lower world. And whom else we are supposed to see then if during our lifetime we never went up those Stairs, never made ourselves the vehicles for the Forces of Light and, as “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” says, now we can’t remember “the right thing at the right moment”. In fact, all that used to guarantee safety in our earthly life is very likely to turn out the terrible infinity of non-completed processes for our consciousness. Those areas are known as gehenna, netherworld, narrow Tartarus where the consciousness fades away, its grey shadow ever wandering around in the lower worlds of sorrow, or stays there in the endless process of labour, either in bitter cold or in unbearable heat, or feeling insatiable hunger...

Death is – the test for the quality of gaining the spiritual experiences during our physical incarnation. If we got used to accept dense world as the only reality then in the afterlife we won't be able to sensitively recognize those glorious Higher Entities when they appear, even if we read about Them in books. We can identify and recollect in the subtle world only what we were assimilated with in the earthly life through our creative work, love, meditation.

It looks like on my training in a gym I’ve been given sport rings; I hold on to them tight and at a run I jump over an artificial abyss. First with the help of the rings then without them – but I must learn how to jump over the abyss. Suppose, I go training once a day and the rest of the time I am busy with something which is more important to my mind than jumping in a gym. Actually I don't see the similar situation in my life. There are husbands, problems, chores, sciences around, and so jumping in a gym and those rings seem unnatural to me. As I continue my being in the Universe, this time incarnated on the Earth, I proceed with building on my identity with the outer life around the gym, to prepare myself for ever increasing homogeneity in future with what is going to disappear. And when after my passing away there comes – the rebirth in the subtle world, and there shines the Highest dazzling Light of the Whole, when in my fine-material consciousness the real abyss opens wide to jump over, l will fully comprehend that my chance to change something is gone, and there’s no possibility to return back and “jump” again, and “train” once more. At this very single moment, facing the dazzling Light of the Whole I must ‘’jump’’. But how can I jump over the abyss if I never trained this before? What kind of jump can I perform if the vital principle of my whole life was rooted in carrier achievements, family or social relations, and I have nothing in common with the Light?

For us to make our choice there is no need to wait for the afterlife – we won’t be able to change anything there. Here in this life we ought to think of death each time we are making the choice, and try to identify ourselves with the Highest Being, actual to us at every present moment. Our working up the identity with Light, our practicing meditation must become the most sacred act to us, and we must never interrupt meditation by the earthly intrusions.

Let you learn how to “swim” before you’re “thrown into the waters” – forever! Don't ‘’stay on shore” milling around in “shore” routine being. You have to learn how to “fly” before death puts you on the edge of the abyss. Don’t get involved in minor doings since you are conscious of the imminent abyss you are in store for, while you go on reading about the flight, pondering over or dreaming about it. You are given the life in its earthly forms for the single reason – learning how “to fly”. Remember this!

  Coherence of consciousness