Liturgy to the Masters

(Updated translation)
12 June, 1984

 Glorious Shambala, the Great kingdom of Truth. Light-bearing realm, the place of the realised aspiration, Great Beings, Brothers, Masters, – the source of power, of help, the source of destruction and creation, the source of our salvation. Each time You verify our inner state: can we forget ourselves when seeing Light ahead? Are we ready to make a step to the land of Truth? How long can we stay in Light? As the Book of Isaiah says: “Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning? The burning of Your Immortality, O God!” This flame burns off all that is based on earthly, personal principles. It’s not good as It’s not bad. It’s not moral and not – immoral. It’s the fact of Cosmos. It’s the fact of advance to Cosmos.

The source of intensive energies of Light, our Fathers and Senior Brothers, our Deities! – how can we learn to become worthy of Your Love, Your Attention, Your Blessing? It is not a dream, it is not a song about Light, not a sorrow of the abandoned. Our mind and heart are being filled with perception of You, with Love to You, with gratitude for the given chance to come in touch with You. You make us strong in our inspiration, powerful, free of despair, free of fear and depression.

Great Masters! You come to us with a view to saving, not burning. You are full of dignity. You are full of love to us as to Your “small children”. You are full of care and joy to see us making the right gesture. We are allowed to interact with You, or must stay reverent in wait for a sanction. And it’s neither mediumism nor an intellectual’s proud research of the idle mind. With days on our Soul becomes more meek and adaptable to a contact with You.

The Master Djwhal Khul

Master Djwhal Khul! Our Great Old Man and Great Master, our Senior Brother – full of knowledge about our beings, full of humour and compassion to us, and of certain strictnes! We read Your messages and books, we attend to Your words and Your thoughts, because only those who have experience in life little closer to what You are writing about – can comprehend them. How glorious and radiant You are, how clear are you words that force the way to a human mind with great compassion of Light and Love. Master Djwhal Khul, giveus Your blessing!

Mahatma Morya

Master Morya! Your presence is real and immutable on these days. Your icons and portraits are radiating quite a particular Sound, Your eyes emitting Force, immensely vital! Being of sly nature, one cannot have long contact with Your portrait today.

You are here, You reveal Yourself, You send us Your blessing and presence of You. You are full of such powerful, magnificent, purifying Force and You send It to us. You seem breathtaking and awesome for us to look at You, we fear to turn our faces and our beings to You. How fearful we are to stand before Your eyes with our natures so dirty! Fearful – not because You destroy, but because we love You. We cannot imagine ourselves without You. We are afraid to lose Your attention. Your eyes are burning, singying. Your stare is piercing, Your memorizing us – is that of the Great Master, Who grants every Soul the possibility of becoming immortal, to ever last in Eternity, to survive into Salvation.

Master Morya, create us and make us free. Let the energies of Pluto, Your energies, O Great Master of the First Ray, – be great and magnificent. You – full of Highest dignity, full of Highest sanctions to destroy and create, Great death and birth, – save us!

  Liturgy to the Masters