New Tamara

(New translation)
5 July, 1984

 I always felt the Higher Love as the creation of God, as the Approach of Christ. Instantly there happens something so great, that a few flashes like these can change the Earth. And these changes are performed by Mother of the Hierarchy Who is coming to the Earth nowadays.

In fact, we have a very special time now. Our epoch has brought into present incarnation women – the bearers of the highest missions. Descending from the level of the Solar System, through Shamballa, down the Hierarchic steps there come into incarnation the greatest Monads; and Russia, governed by the Seventh Ray as the Soul, bears the marks of the present time.

We all remember Kiev’s Russia** with its amazingly noble, high relations in couples. With its swan-like bows to each other, with its attitude towards a woman as something majestic and bright. Even if we have greatly poeticized the past, Russia's special attitude towards the Soul is obvious.

The planet Earth is the seventh chakra (kundalini) of the Solar Logos, the point of magic and the manifestation of the Seventh Ray. The Soul ray of Russia is also the Seventh. It means that the Earth reveals Its Soul through Russia. Therefore The God-bearing principle is a feature inherent to the Russian character, its original quality. The feeling of compassion, mercy and delight towards other people's victory and in the face of any foreign talent when demonstrated. The quality of welcoming of all which is creative, talented, all – of the Higher nature. Russia is encouraging, Russia is the Mother of Inspiration. It is connected with Aquarius, the Zodiac sign that governs Russia. Aquarius is controlled by Uranus, the planet of inspiration, the planet of the seventh Ray. Uranus – Urania – inspiring.

In the 19th century as a result of changes on the Cosmic levels there appeared images and characters of some special Russian female beauty, such as Tatyana Larina***, or heroines of the Russian writer I.Turgenev****. As for the 20th century, it's quite possible of nowadays the Hierarchy brings forth very high Souls with the evolved God-bearing principle to be incarnated on the Earth. Otherwise, why many of women have recently come on the Earth with God-bearing programme, yet vaguely perceptible, the programme, they have been implementing ever since, standing up for it and entreating it from the destiny for many lives?

Divine Mother, Tara, Kali – the flows of these gorgeous Beings we can clearly perceive today. They reveal Themselves quite free through us, as if we are – Their truly gestures. We get weaved into Them. We, who have been proving the truth of the God-bearing sound so far, now become the sound of these Powers, merging with Them.

It's common knowledge that the devil can appear before a man in any shining image, except the image of Mother of God. It's quite an obvious fact that the devil bears the principle of separated polarities, while Mother of God is triune by Her nature, She is the One-Whole. She is all – love of Mother and Son. She absorbs the devil, as Kali absorbs the demons Mahisha and Raktavidja.

It’s not by chance that modern times (times of Mother of the Hierarchy) have come remarkable for the burst of emancipation, for women’s working out masculinity inside their self. This is how the basic quality of Soul—the higher androgyny – is manifesting itself. All which is not Soul remains separate, and obviously tragic. It’s for the good reason that one Russian woman, Helen Blavatskaya, in her book “The Secret Doctrine” wrote – not ambiguously but in straight words – about the exploit of Io and the tragedy of Prometheus both – as of female and male polarity principles. But nevertheless there appears “new Tamara”, who could look into the Demon’s eyes and not die of his stare. Lermontov could perceive the tragedy of the Demon. He could sense that the Demon was subconsciously seeking for such a being, who would be able to withstand his stare, and thus make him renewed by offering the One Whole instead of the feverish polarity of separated female and male nature.

Certainly, it is hard work to do so, that our voice would sound exactly by the voice of the Mother, our eyes would look by Her eyes, and our moves become Her moves on the physical plane. She comes on the Earth to perform the Great Magic; She penetrates into space, saturating it with Light, with that pure and transparent humility, which appears so destructive for a person distorted by egoism.


*Demon and Tamara are the main heroes of M.U. Lermontov’s poem “The Demon”.

**Kiev’s Russia is the old Russia with city of Kiev as capital

***Tatyana Larina is the main character of “Eugene Onegin”, the poem by A.S. Pushkin.

****Women described as Turgenev young ladies – heroines shown in novels by I.S.Turgenev. The women, who developed their inner male-nature principle. Those women were the Souls in manifestation.

  New Tamara