New Tamara

(New translation)
5 July, 1984


 I always felt the Higher Love as the creation of God, as the Approach of Christ. Instantly there happens something so great, that a few flashes like these can change the Earth. And these changes are performed by Mother of the Hierarchy Who is coming to the Earth nowadays.

In fact, we have a very special time now. Our epoch has brought into present incarnation women – the bearers of the highest missions. Descending from the level of the Solar System, through Shamballa, down the Hierarchic steps there come into incarnation the greatest Monads; and Russia, governed by the Seventh Ray as the Soul, bears the marks of the present time.

Esoteric aspects of private ownership


 You know that the Christ works as the Savior, and the Buddha is the Preserver. That means that They take dominion over the sacral and the kundalini. They are working together now through the Soviet egregor. They come to spiritualize those natures which we call "life". It’s most important. It means that a man has no right to possess the land as his private property, in the sense that he is not energetically capable to spiritualize such density. Only he who has spiritualized the matter has the right to possess it. Only by becoming the Christ can one say that the involutionary essence of the Earth has no more power over the initiate.

The principle of implementation


 The beginning of work with humanity (in our era) was laid through Blavatsky. Later - through the Theosophical Society principles given by the Masters. Equality, brotherhood and comprehension of the inner human nature were embodied in Soviet Russia. Russia received the Atmic Ladder joined by many Jews: revolutionaries, cultural and scientific workers. Then, in the Great Patriotic War, they gave the greatest percentage of the heroes of the Soviet Union. That is, the energies of the Atma circled up the Jewish power into the Ring.110

Russia is the home of a germinating Revelation


 The Soviet egregor appeared as a result of further evolution on our Earth, when the energies of the Second Ray (the Son) had been replaced by the first ray energies of the Will Aspect (the Father). There came the need to work with the densest zones. Therefore the egregor of our state and its way of life are conditioned by the energies of the First Ray. Hence, the voluntarism and other negative manifestations of the will as an expression of the coagulation of these energies. However, there are also the Higher manifestations of the first-ray character!108

We are incarnated in Russia with its culture, with its highest Messengers (as Daniel Andreev called them): Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Seraphim of Sarov, Sergius of Radonezh. It is fair to say that in previous centuries our people developed the heart and the vitality. There were attempts to pass from the Second Ray to the First Ray. But when the necessity for a gentry’s and intellectuals’ idea of justice to come to life arose – the revolution took place. Why did it happen? In order that the idea of justice could become a being! Not a belief, not a beautiful ideal but that it could be realized in life itself. So that it could be manifested in a couple relations (the sexual plane) and on kundalini plane (the principle of being): which is the state, the power of people, the power of the Soviets.

Glow of the Russian Spirit


A Russian man with his desire to meet ideals is especially "shepherded" by the Christ. A Russian man is the most yearning one... Even the most ordinary people demonstrate a special understanding as soon as you speak about longing for the Soul. I have seen it both in the Urals, in Siberia, and in the North. His house is not yet built but he is worried about the Soul. This quality of being watchful to phrases such as "Versilov6* is of no origin", this kind of watchfulness to a word about the Soul - is very important.

Struggle between Labour and Capital


 With the coming-in of labour governments in certain countries, with the growth of democracy and the demand for freedom, with the uprising of the rule of the proletariat in Russia, and the higher educational standard of the race, it might well appear that new, better and different methods may now be used to implement the Four Freedoms and to insure right human relations.

Alternatives of the world development


 Today it would appear, from all the indications and from the dominant world trends, that the still unconquered greed of certain of the more powerful nations is undeniably rampant, and that we are therefore facing another period of frustration and of major world difficulty. Feeling against Russia is running high among the Western Powers and is largely her own fault, though it is primarily based upon two main factors—one of them bad and the other good.

The bad reaction is based on the same old triplicity of fear, greed and jealousy and—from the angle of those three phases of selfishness—is entirely justified. That fact, in itself, supplies a major difficulty. Think this out.

The good reaction is based on the frustration of the idea or concept of developing a unified peaceful world—a world in which there would be no war and in which men could live at peace with each other and in security, and in which men everywhere could work, relatively unopposed, towards right human relations. This super-world and this unified humanity is a true ideal, but is not a feasible project.75

Connection of Russia with other countries through the governing Rays



Personality Ray 6th Ray of Idealism
Soul Ray 7th Ray of Order
National Motto "I link two Ways"
Capital Moscow (Ruler - Taurus)


Russia is peculiarly interesting at this time from the angle of humanity because she comes under the influence of both rays. Her egoic ray is the seventh and her personality ray is the sixth. Hence the tremendous conflict which is going on between the fanatical sixth ray cruelty of her sixth ray regime [(written before 1949)] and the spiritual harmlessness which is the basic principle of the national ideology. Hence also the materiality of several important sections of her populace and the essential brotherliness which is imposed by the idealism and the mystical aspiration of the Russian genius, expressed through its people as a whole. Hence also the correctness of their spiritual motto which is as yet unrealised by them but which is working itself out noticeably to those of us who can see upon the inner side of life. That motto is: "I link two ways."

Negative sides in the policy of rulers of the USSR


 The major sin of Russia, and that which has prostituted and warped the initial divine impulse underlying the ideology of that country, is the determination she demonstrates at this time to be separative and to shut the Russian people away from world contact, using the implements of deception and the withholding of information. It is not the totalitarian nature of the Russian government which is the prime disaster; it is the refusal to develop the universal consciousness. Many governments today are totalitarian in nature, either openly or subtly, but—at the same time—their peoples have free access to press and radio and are not kept in ignorance of world events. Russia is drifting into a pronounced expression of the great heresy of separateness. There lies her problem—a problem which is refused recognition by her rulers.

The existence of a closed mind on a national scale is dangerous in the extreme, just as the individual is in a dangerous "state of mind" when he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when he refuses to admit new ideas and new modes of behaviour.62

Role of revolutions


...Revolution and the determination to fight for the divine rights of man find their prime inaugurating influence and impetus in the revolution in France. Revolt, the formation of political parties, the class warfare which is so rampant today and the splitting of every country into warring political groups, though sporadic always, have become universal during the past two hundred years, and are all the results of the group activity started by the Masters. Men have grown thereby and have learnt how to think, and even though they may think wrongly and may initiate disastrous experiments, the ultimate good is inevitable and unavoidable.


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