Cosmos and we

(New translation)
20 May, 1984

 Lately we’ve been speaking a lot about Sirius. The Earth is connected with this Star in some peculiar way. Sirius is the place where the Great White Brotherhood of the initiates is dwelling. The fifth level initiate on the Earth appears to be merely a probationary disciple on Sirius. But the higher is the Entity of Cosmos, the more close and intimately-spiritual It is for every person. Sirius always pulsates surprisingly familiar to us, emanating crystal light, very much the same as the Light of the Master Hilarion, but even more high, more distant, more deep in our heart.

If you ask an ignorant man: “How do you feel what Sirius is like?” – He will answer: “Blue, crystal, pure, refined, wonderful, melodic, related to me in a way”.

It is not without reason that Dostoyevsky in his novel “Dream of a funny man” sent the hero, who shot himself in his night dream – to Sirius, where there lived magnificent, wonderful people, with an extraordinary ability to love.

Such a strange story... It is beyond the subject of esoterics, of course, though we cannot but see the great Heart and great Suffering of the author, who had that much affection of Sistine Madonna, who loved the sound of Mother of God so much, that he could perceive Sirius by his intuition.

We don’t know on these great days what is far and what is close to us. Could we ever imagine that Kali Herself would touch us? Could we imagine that Angels’ Hierarchy of Light would ever arise in front of some of us, as once It arose before the eyes of Jacob from the Old Testament book? Have we ever known that besides faith and occult knowledge there exists Life in the Highest World and the possibility to contact It through the identification of energies? We cannot guess what is going to happen tomorrow. One thing that we know is – we must attend to the voice of our Intuition and give up to the Highest Sound. And only then the music of different planets and stars can reveal itself to each of us according to our spiritual level. When the first initiation is acquired, for example, a person becomes flooded over with the energies of Mars and Pluto. On the second level of initiation he starts to sense the wonderful and fine energies of Neptune. Wonderful, unprecedented Love is penetrating inside, introducing him to the planetary energy of Neptune.

How amazing! You feel them almost physical, intangible, precise. Unbelievable as it is, but our destiny – from minute details to greatest events is directed by these energies, in the rhythm of these programs.

All this is wonderful and magnificent! Such a perfect, beautiful system is revealing itself to us. And revealing not just mentally. Every fragment of our mental understanding acquires the sense of the planetary energy flow as a real touch that we can recognise.

Once we used to think: “I did it yesterday”. But now it’s better to say: “It was Neptune that did it yesterday through my self”. Who I am? I don’t exist. I am a physical gesture, I am – a hand. The energy flow has come and made one or another gesture through my self. If my vehicle is dirty – the gesture is negative. If my centers are open and I’m in reverence, then this energy flow sets forward the Truth.

If I consider myself as a vehicle, hence my contribution into the dance of Cosmos is to make my vehicle empty, peaceful; the hand must be obedient. All that is required is to make the hand obedient and attending. The hand doesn’t have its own programme. The entire programme is worked out in Cosmos. If one thinks he has something “of his own”, he just distorts the flow, he distorts the Plane.

You may say that I humiliate you by this approach? Oh, no! Just on the contrary, I am trying to show you your Cosmic perspective in general. And not mystical but a real one, by the way. If you are humble and reverent enough in receiving the inflows, you’ll come to realise soon, that you begin reacting to the energies of the higher planets which often destroy your old temporary programmes. But you must bear in mind that your “primary interest” is to assimilate with these energies as they directly correspond to the life of your Soul.

Anyway, the experimental approach at the end of XX century requires knowledge about ourselves and about our possibilities on the endless energy stairway of our Cosmic career.

We are the manifestation of planetary programmes, the sum of planetary interactions! We are the fixed point of Cosmos (how It looked like at the moment of our birth). Cosmos was imprinted in ourselves. The Solar System left Its “photo” on the Earth. In accordance with Its karma our Soul had been waiting till the planets of our Solar System set up in the right position so that It could be incarnated.

In the course of our life, the pattern of the Solar System has been changing ever since, and we (as a photo of the moment) find ourselves interacting with the Great Solar and Planetary programmes. The point of birth, fixed as a piece of crystal, “scratches” at great and on-going motions. Gradually you come to comprehension that there never exist any “frozen” points in the Solar Logos, and if you want to live forever, you (as a piece of crystal, as something solid, temporary crystallized)—must be wiped out of existence. Therefore, being activized in one or another Cosmic programme, you begin “wiping out” yourself, eager to change while you’re living. You proceed “removing“ more and more of yourself till you finally prove hollow, “disappeared” in God.

And immediately there arises a sensational feeling of my always newly born nature, of my being the part of the Planetary, and someday the Solar Logoses, Who perform the dance of Their everyday interactions. I begin to manifest all programmes, and they are not just flows of energy passing through my self. They begin to be my subtle bodies, they become my own nature. While dancing together with Logos you turn to be the Soul first, then the Monad.

It is just what we call the obliteration of karma expressed in temporary, solid, illusory programmes which are imposed on you like robe, like prison.

You, as of the divine origin, were given a costume (a physical vehicle) so that you could take part in the performance (the present incarnation) played on the stage. Absent-mindedly, you took the costume for your own self. We must admit, it’s a stupid idea!

That is why you have to necessarily correlate your natal Zodiacal chart with the chart of the planets transits every day – just to grasp the idea how the real life of Logos wipes off the piece of crystal of my “self” on the instant, how I should act so that the dance performed by the Higher Being through my self be correct, precise, adequate. Eventually, when studying both astrological charts I realise that there are no negative aspects. Whatever the positions of the planets can be – it is the part of the Logos dance. Every move, every step – if I’ve learned it – is harmonic in time and beautiful.

When we are deprived of our physical body, we still continue to get hold of image of our personality crystallized in astral, and Cosmos obliterates us therefore. But if we during the earthly existence live through our chart properly, we shall work up our Soul as a result, and thus be able to avoid the pains of the obliteration of our personal programme in the afterlife. It is here that the concept of paradise and hell reveals itself. It is exactly the point which astrology and motion of planets are referred to.

  Cosmos and we