Energy of the Idea

The intensive Soviet idea has been implanted into our society. And naturally, when its energies passed into the lower zones kundalini of the people exploded and it immediately demanded a strong leader. As a result, the country got an Asur in all its glory. Well, but what’s the point of the height of the Soviet Egregor about it? What does Stalin have to do with it?! If you, for example, pray to the Christ, and He gave his energy and you are in the Christ, and then the energy went down to kundalini, and a despot arose in you, then what does the Christ have to do with it?

This is what happened with the Soviet system. The communist idea - which (as Djwhal Khul says) does not contradict the spirit of the Christ - turned out to be entirely guilty! The communist idea is a great voltage of energies. Its realization requires people to practice: moral purity, asceticism, collectivism, service, high relations. But did people practice them? It was difficult for them to accept the current of the Master Morya, for it is necessary to be purer. But our country is now not on the line of purification. People “state” the dollar on their kundalini. Oh, my! And this is happening on the energy of the Soviet Egregor! And what will then happen?!

I repeat that we needed a special hygiene for the people in order to fulfill the conditions for the development of the Soviet system. But it turned out that they did not practice this hygiene. Do you know why? Because those who were in power did not actually need the Soviet society at all. Otherwise, they would have spoken and would have behaved quite differently. They would have honestly explored the further ways of development of the communist Idea.

Here’s another interesting point: in our country there was an exact adjustment of who and how much should be paid. If you are a creative person and have an interesting job then you have a small salary because the process of creativity itself brings satisfaction. And the person himself instinctively chose "little" money but a creative profession, because he knew for sure that even tiny odds in his consciousness in favor of materiality would close his centres (chakras), and there would be no true creativity. This was arranged very correctly. But someone out there, in the power structures messed up this principle. It is the fault of those people and not of the universal-Soviet Idea itself. As a result, a person has lost the most important thing: delight and supper-effort in his work and creativity. The mammon wanted death in matter to become dominant and especially in the country where the star as a symbol of victory over death burns above the sickle and the hammer bound within the unreversed cross or quaternary meaning death...

We need right now to fulfill the conditions of the Soviet egregor. We never fulfilled them before. We did not implement the Transfiguration within it. While the Current of this Hierarchical Idea (energy of the new age of Aquarius) was passing from top to bottom along the centres we had the struggle with our own negative programs. But as soon as this volume reached the sacral and kundalini chakras an explosion of the lower natures occurred. So we have never been It to the end. We, in fact, cannot contradistinguish kundalini opposite to people with the bourgeois consciousness. Therefore now they are getting all the time into power, into art, into culture. In Russia the true Soviet system never yet existed. We still have a "civil war" going on. We did not have the Soviet power; we just tried to implement some of its principles. We were being taught; we were following the path of probation.

Why a scientific and experimental approach is needed on the spiritual path? People should understand that their "pleasantness" does not depend on anything but the proper hygiene of receiving high energies. At the same time, the spiritual method could not be given at once, because at first the social and the state components were being worked out, which won’t be called meditation. I have already listed them earlier: service, altruism, a higher couple and so on ... But these means will be used in the society as generally accepted standards, and, thereby, they will create an energy field that will become the basis for development of the Soul!121

Let's see what we had when the Soviet Union existed. First of all, compared to the bourgeois, we lived under the system with the highest Spiritual potential which was organized from the superhuman spheres. This socialist system was given to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and was brought to life through people with the communist worldview. What exactly did we get from the spiritual point of view? First of all, it is freedom from the absolute dominance of money. This is a great gift! Secondly, it is a blow against the private property, which held a man as hostage of the spirit of money-making. The private owner perceives surrounding people only as those who are useful to his business or as those who can destroy his material well-being. Such relations, as a rule, exclude a spiritual and even a soul contact between people. It is well known to the Soviet people who visited the West and evaluated all the defectiveness of Western relations. A Western person can be businesslike, kind, flexible, intelligent, but at the same time, he completely lacks that special sound of the Soul, which is heard in people brought up under the Soviet system. This is recognized even by many pro-Western Russian journalists. The third gift is the equality of men and women, I mean beings in the male and the female bodies; the dignity of a woman was raised on par with the dignity of a man exactly by the Soviet system. Co-creation was beautifully developed in our country. And the most pleasant thing is that we were given the basic Law of Survival: "If there is no Higher Idea over you then there's no sense in doing anything either "! And we used to live like that. The sense was in everything. Many called it confidence in the future or some other way. Yes, there was not enough money for material luxuries but there was a favorite work. And people did not choose a job for large salary reasons, the job should have been creative and interesting. People loved each other not for the magazine beauty but for the affinity of the Souls and for the possibility of their common co-creation. This became a habit among Soviet people. There were Higher creative Couples who felt their contact as a spiritual mutual salvation where they could say to each other: "I love you – and so you will not die." We did experience all that. All Soviet films were based on it. That was the way we were brought up, and the Russian literature helped it too. To die for the Higher Idea, for the Motherland, for the high ideology – we were taught it too. We were in magnificent conditions. What was then not so magnificent?

Three years ago, I defended the Soviet element before that of the bourgeois in every possible way. You know that, and you grasped everything right. We have done everything to satisfy the advantages of the Soviet in our internal and external work. But now it's time to understand - what did we misunderstand and did not do? Don't get me wrong. I do not want to justify the rollback from the Soviet to the bourgeois, God forbid; it is a grave sin, the death of the Soul. There’s nothing even to discuss here. I want to say about what we have not done yet, I mean, where we have not passed further in our understanding.

Ponder now about our sin in the Soviet. One thing is the sin of a savage feudal lord who does not recognize any higher principle over himself. He has a piece of meat on the table, a castle, a wife and vassals. This is a feudal sin. Another thing is the bourgeois sin: money rules everything and it is the natural law. Self-assertion of personality is a law of development of the human psyche, freedom of manifestation in competition, material interest. They say: "Well, we accept religion, but it is the Lord's business to save us, and our business is to be good family men on Earth, to invest everything in our children: money, property, culture. After all, I'm not yet the Christ nor even an angel." That is the logic of the bourgeoisie. Thus, the business and the mammon are on their own so as the church and God - they are also on their own.

Let us go on pondering. For the first time after 2000 years the energies of the First Ray of Will and Power went directly to Earth in 1935 and then now in 1975. These first ray energies enable us to reveal the Christ principle within us, not through the monastic and ascetic service but in a direct social experience. Love in a couple, creativity, friendship, spiritual height – everything given to us by the Soviet - all these are the experience of the Christ state. And we experienced it socially for the first time in the human history. Within the relation of a man towards God, the Planetary Hierarchy allowed an experiment on experiencing these states directly. The Soviet man knew no division into the mammon and God. It was like this: Spirituality in man through development in society.

This means that after the rudiments of an imagery about God (as it was in feudalism), after the faith in God which is rather a bourgeois quality (I take the best of these societies), through the Soviet system - the experiment on experiencing the Divine in a man was initiated. The experience of God as Life, the First ray element was introduced. You and I did experience it.

I perceived it so up to 30, but living further I already couldn’t understand anything. What on earth is that? I do have the God's experience but they tell me, "There is no God." By the word "God", I mean not a personal God - the idea of which the Masters of Shamballa reject in their letters - but I mean the Divine as the highest manifestation of the psyche, the Divine as manifestation of the Supreme Law of Development in Cosmos. Then I was much surprised. I asked a question: "How can I distinguish and prove that my creative state, the state of Love and of Catharsis is for a reason, that this state really exists in itself alone?" That's why I began to deal with energies. On the other hand, I am a materialist and you are too. I must finally – according to my understanding – give a concrete reality to what is accepted in society as a positive goal. I did not go against the Soviet direction; I went further, normally and logically developing its course: "After all, if there exists such social experiment and my experience of what I’ve gone through within it then the real Spirituality does exist even more so. And I suppose, not only through my human vehicle." And I started developing from the hatha yoga to the books of the Master Djwhal Khul – it is the way I was led by the Masters.

Hence, the Soviet was conceived as cumulative conditions for an experimental experience of the Spiritual so that at the next stage it would be quite easy to recognize the Spiritual as a concrete reality. So that there would be no materialistic need for the logic separate from the high idea. My efforts, especially over the past decade, and probably your efforts in large part have been directed to show this transition to a new stage. The Soviet Union was meant to prove to the world experimentally (but without stopping at the stage of the experiment) the existence of the Divine plan which approached a human directly. We called this stage Universalism (Universal Teaching) which includes: faith, occult knowledge, experimental Initiation work - in connection with a fundamentally new experiencing by the population the state of Sense-bearing Being.

But at the same time a logical question arises. Where is a subtle material justification of what we have experienced? I now return to what the main mistake and fault of the Soviet is. It is the inability to put something above ourselves, in which, in fact, we totally survive. This caused the noncompetitiveness of the communist idea before gene and monetary natures, because the gene affinity and material interests are experienced by people more totally than any higher idea which is not backed by the reliance on another type of being but the materialistic one.

Because if we experience the reality of birth of our subtle Soul body just ten percent weaker, then any woman who gave birth to a child would experience the physiology of birth more totally and strongly.

Since 1979, at the lectures for audiences, I for the first time started telling that faith and service to the Spiritual is all nonsense if there is no real experience of the Spirit as Life. It was the main theme of those lectures. It was so strange, because I used to call precisely for faith and service, and people always responded very well: "Service is okay, all of us are ready to make any sacrifices, even to fall on a grenade. We are ready to believe, even to a fanatical frenzy." But our talk went on about staying in the Spiritual Life, about identity with it. This theme appeared then for the first time at large meetings (although I had long talked about it in small groups) and since then I keep talking only about this.

Such a daring, co-creative and aspiring attitude towards God, without the life element, without the First Ray of Will (the Father), without total inclusion - such a pattern characterizes the stage of developing of the Soul body (Manas) or - as it is called in the East - the Antahkarana, and in Christian tradition - the "Ladder of Heaven". The main motto of this stage: "I strive, I serve." But as a rule, when it comes to real life, that is, to earthly existence, the whole movement is fully reversed. The person agrees that that what he aspires to is high and spiritual but everyday matters are self-evident things without which you cannot live (the need for money, food, physical comfort, family warmth, sexual satisfaction, and again, you should have time to "live it up", since death is ahead).

All this is considered in a materialistic logic which is very alien and even hostile to the Soul body. What happens then? Everything that was "received" through the "acquisition of the Holy Spirit" energetically turns over and falls into the "clip" (gross material) energy zones, and there happens fattening of forms, the energies from the Higher levels poured down and saturated the total points of worldly life.

Let us remember the story of the Tower of Babel from the Old Testament. It has the same meaning. The peoples of the Earth gathered to build a tower to the sky. They also strived to heaven and to God in order to master and conquer them. Each level of the tower brought them closer to the Heavenly spheres; they felt more and more inspiration and aspiration. And when those builders got "tired of building", they descended from the tower back to their wives, children, relatives, friends - they were proud before them of having dared to conquest God, they poured the energies down into their own self. They overturned the intensive energies they had received while being at the "height of the tower" into everyday life, into their relatives and sexual relations, until the energy stolen from God was not depleted. Then they again went to build the tower to get the next portion of Grace. Rising to the new height they did not become the life of that height but simply took the intensity of that Life for their old quality which swelled more and more. As you know, God destroyed that tower and mixed the languages of all those peoples of the Earth.122




  Energy of the Idea