Soviet system



Death as a key question inside of the ideology


 Remember the book of the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. When Daniel during his initiative movement passed to the stage of the First Ray of Will, then the king of Belshazzar, who was the symbolic manifestation of Daniel at this level, was clothed with scarlet. In the New Testament, at the same stage, it was Jesus who was clothed with scarlet. Yes, the Soviet system is associated with the manifestation of the Atma energy, with the planets Uranus, Volcano, Pluto, with red color, with the First Ray of Will and Power. But even more so, what a huge amount of energy was in this case turned upside-down now! Can you imagine it? That's why we have such a disgusting version of the same capitalism in our country. If in the Western countries, the antichrist has won as the opposite to the Christ, then in our country the devil wins as the opposite to the Father in Heaven...

Star-badge of Little Octobrist


Star of little Octobrist

These stars were given to young schoolchildren when they joined the Little Octobrists (in the Soviet Union). Little Octobrists is a preparatory stage before joining the Pioneer organization. Children became Little Octobrists in the 1st school class. They joined Pioneers in the 3rd one.

Soviet symbols


This section presents Soviet symbols of mystical and spiritual significance.


Esoteric aspects of private ownership


 You know that the Christ works as the Savior, and the Buddha is the Preserver. That means that They take dominion over the sacral and the kundalini. They are working together now through the Soviet egregor. They come to spiritualize those natures which we call "life". It’s most important. It means that a man has no right to possess the land as his private property, in the sense that he is not energetically capable to spiritualize such density. Only he who has spiritualized the matter has the right to possess it. Only by becoming the Christ can one say that the involutionary essence of the Earth has no more power over the initiate.

Energy of the Idea


The intensive Soviet idea has been implanted into our society. And naturally, when its energies passed into the lower zones kundalini of the people exploded and it immediately demanded a strong leader. As a result, the country got an Asur in all its glory. Well, but what’s the point of the height of the Soviet Egregor about it? What does Stalin have to do with it?! If you, for example, pray to the Christ, and He gave his energy and you are in the Christ, and then the energy went down to kundalini, and a despot arose in you, then what does the Christ have to do with it?

This is what happened with the Soviet system. The communist idea - which (as Djwhal Khul says) does not contradict the spirit of the Christ - turned out to be entirely guilty! The communist idea is a great voltage of energies. Its realization requires people to practice: moral purity, asceticism, collectivism, service, high relations. But did people practice them? It was difficult for them to accept the current of the Master Morya, for it is necessary to be purer. But our country is now not on the line of purification. People “state” the dollar on their kundalini. Oh, my! And this is happening on the energy of the Soviet Egregor! And what will then happen?!

The principle of implementation


 The beginning of work with humanity (in our era) was laid through Blavatsky. Later - through the Theosophical Society principles given by the Masters. Equality, brotherhood and comprehension of the inner human nature were embodied in Soviet Russia. Russia received the Atmic Ladder joined by many Jews: revolutionaries, cultural and scientific workers. Then, in the Great Patriotic War, they gave the greatest percentage of the heroes of the Soviet Union. That is, the energies of the Atma circled up the Jewish power into the Ring.110

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